Choose Down Feather Pillows Based on Sleeping Position

There are feather pillows, down pillows, and a combination of both materials. Feather pillows are either one-hundred percent feathers or seventy-five percent feathers and twenty-five percent down. All feather pillows are heavy and can be folded or crunched up to suit several sleeping positions. These are ideal for behind the back, under the neck, or between the knees. It is for this reason that the hotel jumbo collection of pillows is filled with feathers only.


Choosing the right firmness for down feather pillows will also make sleeping in different positions more comfortable. A soft one works well for back and stomach sleepers. Those who move from their backs to their sides will do less tossing and turning with medium firm pillows. Firm and extra firm pillows are the only pillows side sleepers will ever need. Take advantage of the thirty-night comfort guarantee to determine if the firmness suggested is perfect for how the family sleeps.

Fill Power

Pillows that are made of down are also available in four firmness levels and have another factor that determines the quality of the down. Down clusters have had all the large feathers removed during the sorting process and will spring back into shape faster than feather pillows. The quality of these pillows is indicated by the fill power.

A pillow with a six-hundred and fifty fill power will be soft and take longer to regain shape than ones of a higher fill power. Those with a seven-hundred and fifty fill power are of medium quality. The highest quality of down pillow available is one with an eight-hundred and fifty fill power. All pillows come with a ten-year warranty which makes them very cost-effective.

Do Not Place Pillows in Washer

All feather and down manufacturers highly recommend both pillow protectors and pillowcases to go onto pillows of these materials to avoid getting them dirty. Protectors are the cases that have zippers on them for better protection. A pillow can be spot clean if necessary but should never go in the washing machine. When pillows need refreshing, they can go in the dryer on low heat or be hung on a clothesline outside. …