Professionals will always tell you how it is important to change your filters or keep them clean. Everything they say depends on the type of filter you have and the usage. Someone doesn’t use it that much, so the overall lifetime will be longer. Some are washable which means it is easier to maintain and other need to be replaced every month or few months.

Usually, the biggest problem with air conditioning happens when the filter isn’t changed. Hiring an HVAC company that will do the maintenance for you is the best thing you can do if you have the money to spend on it. The best Chesapeake AC company will immediately know where the problem occurs, so they will save your time and potentially money. It happens that you make a bigger mess if you try fixing the issue yourself.

Why Are Filters Important?

The part that is most exposed to dust and dirt and prevents anything bad happening to other internal parts of HVAC systems is the filter. Other parts will stay clean and work properly because of them. More than 90% of homes have the system which forces air through the system which goes through the filter. It will trap germs, dust, and pollen from being spread through the air.

Because it depends on the type, some of them won’t trap pollen or dirt that much so the furnace, for example, will work better and lower the bills. It is recommended to ask a professional for advice on which type to choose for your home. After checking the location of your home and the size, they will be able to figure out which one works the best.

Washable and Fiberglass Filter

Most of them are made of thin wires that form a mesh. An interesting fact is that a home warranty company will replace or fix the furnace if it has a problem only when the filter is properly cleaned every three months. It is stiffer than other filters and because it is washable it won’t clean the air as great as filters made out of other materials.

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Fiberglass types are very cheap and can be found for less than 1$. Because it is cheaper than other types, the maintenance has to be done every month which can be annoying sometimes, but you will save money with it. They are very effective at trapping dust mites, pollen, paint spray, dust, textile fibers, and lint. It is in the same category as a washable filter when it comes to air cleaning.

Pleated Filters

Most of the companies that are selling them will recommend getting pleated type made out of cotton fibers because their surface is larger and it will trap more contaminants. The more benefits you get the price will be higher, so you can find them going from 10 up to 50$.

It is great at trapping larger particles of lint and dust. It works better at trapping mold spores and bacteria than a washable filter. If the pleats are thicker it can also trap smoke. Because they are so efficient everyone will recommend it, but it costs a lot and on top of that it needs to be changed every month. 

Electronic Filters

This type of filter is newer than other and it usually goes with a new furnace. The price differs depending on the type but before buying an electronic media filter you have to install the electronic filter casing. Price isn’t as cheap as other types but there is an advantage over them. This one can be changed early, so it is best for individuals that always forget to do it. Read more on this link.

They can trap everything that other filters can trap including microbes which are trapped by electronic fibbers that are attracting particles. Property managers will advise you in getting these because of the benefit of changing it yearly. Another type of high-efficiency pleated filter is available but only a few furnaces will be able to blow air through them. They are mostly used for hospitals and clean rooms, so if you are looking for that type of clean air you should find pleated with high efficiency.