Feng Shui Interior Design Tips and Tricks

Are you interested to implement feng shui principles in your home or office?

When it comes to feng shui interior design, it involves decorating a home or office to create a joyful, loving, happy, harmonious, and comfortable home while providing the best energy and luck to support a homeowner’s lifestyle and personality. Feng shui implements the basic principles of Chinese yin and yang elements to unleash the energy required in a particular part of a home such as a vibrant energy of success for a home office, and a sensual energy for the master bedroom. Before you apply the feng shui principles such as playing with the textures, colors, and furniture placement, it is important to clear the old energy by cluttering your home. In order to achieve a successful feng shui interior design, you need to have a basic knowledge of the energy map or Bagua. Let us dig deeper and find out more about feng shui elements and color combination and balance.

Colors are important in feng shui interior design because by just changing a color, you can immediately change the energy inside a room. Depending on the feng shui energy map, there are elements that govern a specific room that may apply either one or combination of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. When it comes to the fire element, it is used to ignite sexual energy, produce inner warmth, and recognize all career goals. The fire element colors include red, orange, pink, purple, and strong yellow. The earth colors, light yellow, and beige can provide inner balance, nourishment, relaxation, and calmness within the home which comprise the earth element. You have to implement earth elements in the Northeast and Southwest Bagua areas including the center of your home or office. The metal element symbolizes sharpness, efficiency, preciseness, lightness, and clarity. Gray and white are the metal colors. If you want good health, wealth, and prosperity, the wood element is used like money tree and plants. It should be observed in the east and southeast section of the Bagua areas of your home.

The water element is a feng shui cure for wealth using mirrors and fountains, providing freshness, ease, calmness, and purity. The colors of the water element are black and blue. Black possesses the energy of protection and power, and it is a color of sophistication and mystery. Black is the passive energy as represented by Yin, a feminine color in the Yin-Yang combination. You can use black sparingly to emphasize other colors, applying to the north or water, east or wood, and southeast areas of your bagua, and avoiding application in the south, where your fire element is present. Feng shui interior design can be challenging, but you can hire a professional interior designer to help you out. Come and check our homepage or website now to find a professional interior designer now.

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