A popular winter heater is air conditioning, although the price is expensive and installation involves a lot of engineering work. Therefore, foreign students etc. usually choose to use a small type electric heater or gas heater, for example, a gift from a senior or purchased from a recycling shop.

However, if used goods used in the condition of the electrical system have defects, it is very dangerous. On the other hand, small heaters are easily moved anywhere, so even though they do not have a malfunction, there is a risk of danger if they are used incorrectly. If you are looking for the best heating and cooling installation or repair services, you can call the heating and cooling Kenosha.

Now let’s look at the types of heating devices and the things that need to be considered in using it.

Types of room heaters

First of all, what types of heating devices are there? If we go to wholesale electrical equipment, there are various names of heating devices as listed below, each of which uses fuel oil, uses gas and there is also electricity.

Fuel oil: oil stove, oil fan heater, etc.

Gas fuel: gas fan heater etc.

Electricity: AC, electric furnace, oil heater, halogen heater, electric carpet, etc.

We will tend to pay attention to which is cheaper and economical, but actually the relative costs vary depending on the conditions of use, such as room area, duration of use, temperature settings, etc., so it is difficult to make an accurate comparison. Even more important than that is the risk of using heating devices. Because removing the heat itself carries the risk of fire. We see the risks below.

The danger of heating equipment

Here are the points for preventing fires from heating devices. Because things are fundamental, we must really pay attention.

  1. Do not place flammable objects near heating devices. Do not dry clothes on the heating furnace or use a heating stove near curtains or mattresses.
  2. Do not put hair spray or the like next to a heater. If the spray can is exposed to heat, it can crack and explode. Very dangerous.
  3. Before you sleep or leave the house, make sure to turn off the fire. For the furnace and heater, not only turn off the switch, but also remove the plug from the contact stock. That’s to avoid the switch being ON because of something.
  4. For oil-fired heating furnaces, be careful of leaks from the tank when adding oil.
  5. When using oil or gas as fuel, during heating the room does air ventilation by opening the window 1-2 times every hour.
  6. When using air conditioning, pay attention to the dry air in the room. Arrange air holes so that they are not directly exposed to people, and prevent room air from drying out by using an air humidifier or by hanging a wet towel inside the room.


Winter is a time when cuisine tastes delicious and winter sports like skiing or snowboarding can be enjoyed. Take care in maintaining your health so you can spend the winter safely and comfortably.