Tips for Finding a Good Carpet Cleaning Service

If you look around, you will find several carpet cleaners that will give you excellent results plus reliable customer service. On the other hand, some have gained a not-so-favorable reputation, thanks to their substandard services and pesky salesmanship. While people are usually good, you still have to protect yourself as a consumer.

Below are tips you can keep in mind as you look for a good carpet cleaning service:

Looking for Prospects

First off, ask around. Know which company your friends, family members or neighbors use to maintain their carpets. If you cant get referrals – say, youre new in town and arent that well-connected yet – ask your local Business Bureau for help. They can tell you which businesses have good ratings and are licensed, and even how long they have been in operation. Additionally, they can tell you if a business has been the subject of customer complaints. You can also find lots of referrals online. Focus on customer reviews but only those you will find on third-party sites, if only to ensure credibility.

Your Needs

Carpet manufacturers usually recommend steam cleaning, which can also be referred to as hot water extraction (HWE). But there are other options that your prospective cleaner should explain to you – dry cleaning, host dry cleaning, encapsulation, shampoo, and so on. Whatever method you are most comfortable with, ensure that your carpet warranty is intact.


The price of carpet cleaning services will obviously vary from one provider to the next. Know if they charge per area (square foot) or per room; if by room, check if theres a maximum room size. A large room will probably be computed as two or even three rooms. The condition of your carpets is another important factor to take into account. If they are heavily soiled or stained, tell the cleaner right off the bat. The companys re-service policy is another thing you need to know. You can usually return the carpet for free within a week if you see a spot or two resurfacing.

Cleaning Agents Used

You should also look into the products that your potential carpet cleaner uses. Youd like to make sure they are environment-friendly as well as safe for your carpets and highly effective.

Securing Your Home

Lastly, if the job must be done in your home, steer clear of carpet cleaners that employ subcontractors. Youre always safer with a cleaner that has an in-house team of background-checked employees. Keep in mind that not all carpet cleaning services are the same, so research will surely go a long way.

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