What is a Laser Diode Driver

Fundamentally, a laser diode driver is that constant current source, linear, noiseless and accurate that will be used to deliver such precise quantities of current to a laser diode as is needed to perform a given function or for a specific application. Users will have the option of keeping the laser diode or the photodiode current constant or at wheel level. The control system will then drive the current to the laser diode safely and in the required levels.

By and large, the laser diode drivers happen to vary greatly in their set features and performance as well. Read on and see some of the things and basics worth knowing of when it comes to laser diode drivers.

First and foremost, know of the facts on laser diode. Generally speaking, the laser diode drivers serve mainly to supply current to the laser diode. As for the uses of the laser diodes, there are quite a number of the uses to which these can be put to. Talking of some of the most common applications that you will find the laser diodes put to include those such as remote sensing, medical diagnostic and analytical equipment, welding and material processing, particle sizing and counting and in spectroscopy in a whole list of other applications out there. In most applications, you will find it abbreviated as LD.

We have as well mentioned the photodiodes and these are the other elements that need clarification when it comes to the laser diodes and laser drivers. There are some instances where you will have a monitor photodiode coming as an integrated feature in your laser diode package. Oftentimes, you will come to notice the fact that the monitor photodiode that so comes as an integrated component with the laser diode drivers will in most cases be producing a current that is equal or thereabouts to the output laser diode optical power. The one thing that needs to be as clear when it comes to the laser diode packages is that they really happen to differ a lot one from another and as well the photodiode transfer functions as well happen to differ as well in equal measure. As for their indications, they are as well abbreviated, PD and will be indicated as well with the wavy arrows on the device.

The Feedback mode is the other essential feature of the laser diode drivers that needs to be known. By and large, your laser diode drivers will only allow control based on the two current states which are the laser diode current state or the photodiode current. In case the laser diode current is used as feedback, then the control system as we had already hinted above will try to keep it constant. In such a case the output of the Adjustable Current Source will not fluctuate or vary for that matter.

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