Tips To Help You Choose The Best Pepper Spray Products

For self defense, you can use pepper spray. You are able to have added protection when outside. Pepper spray is non-lethal. Pepper spray come in different brands. Before you purchase pepper spray, consider the below factors.

It is important to know what is legal in your state. There are certain states that are strict compared to others. You need to know in advance what is legal before buying pepper spray. You will find that there are states where you are required to make purchase from licensed firearms dealers or pharmacists who are licensed.

Pepper spray come in various sizes. The size will determine how long and the amount that can be dispensed. There are pepper sprays that are small units that are good for joggers. There are others that are medium sized that can fit in a purse. On the other hand, there are ones that are large sized and fit on a belt.

There are different kinds of pepper spray. You can narrow your search by knowing in advance what you intend to protect yourself from. There are human pepper sprays for protection against human attackers. There are also others that are ideal for protection against animals. You need to identify the right pepper spray. Before you buy one, you should decide how you intend to carry it. This is because pepper spray products are in different styles. You need to decide if you prefer to carry it in a purse, belt or keychain.

You need to research to know the different brands. You need also to get recommendations from your friends who have used pepper spray before. You will get a few options that fit your requirements. Pepper spray products are of various costs. You need to compare prices of different brands to select one that is affordable. You should select a brand that is rated highly.

Also, you should know how you will use the pepper spray. You should take time to educate your how to use the pepper spray. After you buy the pepper spray, you need to replace it after a year or 18 months. Ensure you test it after four months to ensure it works properly.

You need to also have good tactics on how you can use the pepper spray. You must be able to reach the spray fast. You can do a test by disengaging the safety and prepare it for use. If it takes more than two seconds, the spray will not be of use to you in case of an actual attack. It is advisable to use your thumb for your spraying to be accurate. It is also good if you have a backup plan in case the spray is ineffective.

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