All that You Need to Know About Somalia

Somalia lies within the eastern part of Africa. It is among the countries that are referred to as the Horn of Africa. Somalia is border by Kenya to the Southwest, Ethiopia to the west, and Djibouti to the northwest, to the north by the Gulf of Aden and the east by the Indian Ocean. Mogadishu is the capital city of Somalia. Somalia is between the countries of the Sub-Saharan Africa, nations of Arabia and the southwestern section of Asia.

Somalia is a republic that is headed by a president who is democratically elected. Somalia has experienced decades of political instability. The president who took over after independence became a dictator and thus the country when into civil war to overthrow his rule. The long periods into the civil war, the country’s economy was affected and the infrastructure in place destroyed. The security of the country continues to be threatened by a terror group known as the Al Shabab who have extended their attacks to the neighboring countries.

In Somalia, most of the people are Cushites. There are however other linguistic groups that live in the country but small numbers such as the Semites and some Bantus. Somali and Arabic are the languages that are widely known. Arabic is due to the country being a Muslim country. You will have some dialects, but they all understand one another. Swahili and English are also languages that some of the people speak. The religion in the country is Islam. The other religions will be present but will be insignificant when compared to the large population of Muslims.

Farming is an essential economic activity in Somali and especially when it comes to the keeping of cattle. When the dictator president Mohamed Said Barre was in place, he introduced socialism which led to the nationalization of industries, banks, oil companies, and other business institutions which weakened the economy of the country. In Somalia, fishing and crop farming are also practiced. The climate of the country, however, makes it impossible for crops to thrive. Investors have been pushed away, and local businesses operate in fear because of the Al Shabab who are a terror group in the country at present.

There is much that Somalia is capable of concerning development. The conditions have however been hard for the country and the people. It has had leaders who are self-centered. Because of this, it has created a vacuum where other revolt groups can be formed to rule over sections of the land. It has thus led to increased insecurity in the country over time, and much has been witnessed such as the Somali pirates back in 2010.

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