When your garage door stops operating without any prior signs, the cause of the problem might be very simple. You can repair it if it’s nothing big and only if you understand the operations of the door. This guide will explain some of the common causes. It’s however important to understand that some repairs can only be done by qualified technicians. If you also don’t seem to find any of the fixes in this manual, you might need to consult a garage door opener repair saint louis mo specialist.

Neither the Wall Switch Nor the Remote Opens the Door

When your garage door doesn’t bulge even an inch even after trying the wall switch or the remote control, it can be likely that some power source could have some issue. The most common problem when viewing it from this dimension is an unplugged motor unit. Check the motor and ensure that is it plugged. It is also possible that there could be a fuse or a circuit breaker that is not in order. You will need to have the breaker reset or the fuse replaced. You also might have the circuit breaker going off repeatedly. This might be an indication that there is a short circuit in the system. The final check is a motor that has burned out. You certainly will require an electrician for this if you are not a professional electrician.

The Door Will Not Open Using The Keypad or Remote Control

Here, you might need to move closer to the door. You also need to be aware that the garage door remotes operate on radio waves at about 315mH. A few more meters might adversely affect the operations of the door. You will also need to ensure that the antennae’s on the door are pointed downwards. If the switch button functions just fine, then the problem might be in the batteries of the remote control. You will need to replace the batteries and rest the remote control.

Garage Door Refusing to Close All the Way

If the door moves correctly but fails to go full way, here are the common causes. This one might, however, need some technician since it is a bit complicated. You might need to have the close – Limit switch re-adjusted. You need to understand that the door has some limiting switches that stop it when opening or closing. Sometimes, some errors may happen, and the close-limit switch might deter the door from closing fully. This switch is a safety measure that keeps you safe from getting hit when closing the door. It is not advisable to have the switch removed or disconnected. Some garage doors might not work of the switch is deactivated. Adjusting it just requires a screwdriver and rotating a certain screw. This is well indicated in your manual. You might have to replace the safety sensor. The sensor might also need some realignment. At the end of the rails on the door are two eyes that will always need to stay clear. If something stays in their way, they might not function correctly

There are many other causes of error on your door. Be sure to get in touch with a professional if you can’t figure out how to go about it. Don’t just let it sit there.