Use of an outdoor space by a homeowner gives the residents access to fresh air and an opportunity to experience many pleasant activities. Residents can utilize an outdoor space for many purposes: grilling, playing games, watching sports, entertaining, etc. The deck is a great outdoor space for those types of activities. Timber decking Northern Beaches can build a great outdoor space for your family to enjoy for years to come.

Solid Wood Decking

  1. 1) Spotted Gum is a premium Australian hardwood that grows along the eastern coast of the continent. It goes by other names: lemon-scented gum, eucalyptus maculate, eucalyptus henryi, eucalyptus citriodora, spotted irongum, corymbia henryi and corymbia citriodora. The decking wood could be anywhere from pale grey-brown to a soft cream to as dark as a rich chocolate brown. It’s characterized by the wavy grain with a fiddle-back effect.
  2. 2) Tallowwood is an Australian hardwood that can be found in the wet sclerophyll forests of the coastal regions in New South Wales, Maryborough and Fraser Island, Queensland. Tallowwood decking ranges from yellowish-brown to a pale olive green.
  3. 3) Blackbutt is large tree native to Southeastern Australia. One of Australia’s most popular hardwoods, it makes a blonde-colored decking.
  4. 4) Treated Pine is uniquely identifiable by its gum veins, spirals, insect trails and burls. Because to the treatment the wood receives it can withstand the effects of weather, insect infestations and rotting, extending its life.
  5. 5) Merbau this red-brown decking is class 1 timber.
  6. 6) Ironbark is very durable and the decking ranges in color from the reds to the browns.
  7. 7) Modwood is a composite wood product that uses the sawdust from trees mixed with reclaimed materials to make an environmentally sound product that doesn’t need staining, never splinters and doesn’t rot.
  8. 8) Northern Box creates a decking wood called Palawan. It is very hard and very durable.
  9. 9) White Stringybark is an Australian Class 2 hardwood with a life expectancy of 40 years. The wood is a light brown to a pale pink in color.
  10. 10) Forest Red Gum is a dense and durable hardwood that is light to dark red in color.

Deck Construction

Each of these beautiful wood products can be used to make a well-constructed, durable deck for your Australian home. This wood offers a lot of versatility and does not limit the style of decking you can choose. Multi-level decking, decking suspended over pools, decking separate from the house and decking with extra tall supports can all be successfully constructed using these woods.

Hardwood timber can be used to construct a durable outdoor structure such as a deck and with proper care, it can last for an extended time, up to 60 or more years. To clean a hardwood deck, us simple soap, and water. Never pressure wash a hardwood deck. To remove an aged finish, always use a commercial cleaner designed for hardwoods. Always use a two-part cleaner and brightener designed for hardwood. The color should return to its original look after applying the brightener. Use stains designed for the decking and enjoy your deck for the rest of your life.