A Guide to Police Challenge Coins

A lot of history is associated with the police challenge coins. Police Challenge coins were used in the beginning to award soldiers. This culture was then adopted by the military. The same sense of achievement and comradeship that military coins infused in military units can be seen in police units all over the country. As of now, police challenge coins are well-known around the world, and the law enforcing unit have started creating their challenge coins program to reward hard-working officers. This article will explore more on police challenge coins, how famous they are and why it a sense of pride for an officer to have one.

A challenge coin may be defined a coin that is made with some type of military insignia, which distinguishes the officer who owns it with a certain unit. It is not well known how these challenge coins became famous in the military. A section of the stories put forward that the challenge coins were used during World War I while others say that they used in the Korean and Vietnam wars. The moment they were approved in the military, it was only natural that they were used by law enforcement authority and the government. This primarily because many veterans choose their careers in law enforcement after service.

The form and structure of the chains has evolved with time too. At the start, challenge coins were just about one inch in diameter. At the moment, they measure more or less 1.75 inches. These are manufactured in different sizes and shapes. Moreover, you have the freedom to be innovative as you want when designing your challenge coins. The most significant thing that you should not forget is to create a principal message that is consistent across other community building and marketing efforts.

Challenge coins have continued to be used in the police department since they were used in the military to instill unity among unit members. One impressing thing about the challenge coins is that they are not given out with a ceremony, but the recognition is done with a handshake. This coins might be utilized to share a story, which bonds the units. Officers have a habit of carrying their coins or displaying them somewhere important. Amid units, challenge coins are utilized to commit officers over events or projects.

Last but not least, you can also own a challenge coin because they are awarded at community building efforts like fundraising. Challenge coins are the best gifts for people who have participated in an event and come in handy to recognize police force with special events.

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