The Life of Rafferty Pendery

A technology entrepreneur that is known all over the world is Rafferty Pendery. Rafferty is also known as a VC and an international speaker. He has assisted several thousands of business all over the world. Rafferty has helped the businesses in matter regarding organization, social media, marketing and others. The rich ideas that he has shared with business has made him one sort after man by business owners. He started a company ate the age eleven. He never lost his passion and love for business ever since that age. Most people considered him as a young entrepreneur. Several project of NASA were worked on by Rafferty Pendery. Rafferty has worked with the Canadian Space Agency.

He was a co-author of the research papers relating to the usage of online technology to produce awareness of the public. The research papers that he worked on were also relating to participation research projects that are analog. Rafferty was able to earn a spot for being the youngest Prestigious Explorers Club member. This involvement helped him grow in his career and interest at a young age. A firm that does online marketing was founded by Rafferty Pendery. His firm has offered services to the small business and the mid-sized business.

He owns a group of around six companies. His ownership to this companies is due to acquisitions and creation of new ventures. He has hired several staff in his business all over the world. From all over the world, he has been able to acquire a large clientele. Rafferty Pendery companies have had contracts with brands like time warner, super shuttle, red bull, double tree and others. Companies have been able to grow in their marketing and online PR because of his public speaking.

Rafferty Pendery is the CEO of Studio98. Out of utter frustration he created the company. He had searched with no success a company that would create a website for his clothing company. Because he noticed that no one would deliver what he wanted he decided to do it himself. In the process of trying to create a website for his company, Rafferty changed his life. He read through all the available materials to learn the technology of web design and web development. A website was created by him from scratch. His passion for web design and web development was created from the experience.

Through website engineering and web design, Studio98 develops selling solutions. Businesses are able to realize their goals and objectives through this. Rafferty desire is to set a great example to other business owners. He believes that by setting an example he will inspire others to succeed in all areas of their lives. Him being an entrepreneur and being innovative is the reason he sets this example.

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