Reason Why You Should Consider All Over Printing

Many people have heard about all over printing but most of them don’t know how it works. The garment printing industry especially those in street fashion have been swiped by all-over printing trend because of its hotter printing abilities. Garment places that could not have prints before such as zippers and seams can now have them thanks to all over printing. All over printing can be done on most of the garments such as t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops and the garments can be bought in most outlets and online shopping sites such as Yazzim.

Everyone wants to buy an allover t-shirt because their images are of very high quality. The higher resolution of the images printed will give your t-shirt a clean overall appearance. Customers who visit your store are more likely to be impressed by all over t-shirts because of the quality images printed on them. All over printing does not leave out some places such as zippers like the traditional garment prints were hence making the t-shirts hotter.

There is increased efficiency in business when using all over print method. The turnaround time for every batch of t-shirts in all over printing is faster because of the digital printing technique used to print the garments. The absence of the need to exchange plates makes it easier for all over printing to do custom t-shirt orders much easier because of the increased efficiency. Customers can make orders at the time that is efficient to them however small they are because of the flexibility in printing instead of waiting for some time to make bulk orders. You can also include different patterns and information in the same label with no need for additional steps and processes.

All over printing also reduces the costs of printing t-shirts. There is no need to print large batches to save on cost and effort when using all over printing methoid. All-over printing enables you to print any size of batch without increasing production cost because of the flexibility it offers by eliminating the need for plates. All over printing also eliminates the need for activities that increase labor such as press set-up that require additional workers to print the same batch size hence reducing the cost of printing.

Images printed through all-over printing are also durable because they don’t fade or crack over time. The ink used during all over printing is allowed to permeate into the fibers of the garment making the dye a part of the fabric make-up. The images in all over printing are not printed on the inside hence giving you a soft fell when wearing the garments. All over printing is also better because it can be done in a range of materials such as cotton and polyester.

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