Five Benefits of Payday Loans

When faced with a financial emergency, a payday loan is one of your best options. The loan helps cover unanticipated expenses or late bills prior to payday. It lets you avoid penalties because of late payments. Since you pay a payday loan on your next payday, you will be in debt only for a very short period – a few weeks or even a few days. Besides that, and compared to other forms of credit, payday loans offer five other important benefits.

Quick Application and Approval

Lenders usually approve applications for payday loans nearly instantly as soon as you provide the needed information. The whole process is simple and fast. Theres no need to fill any lengthy forms as you usually have to when applying for traditional loans. You may have to wait a few hours or the next business day for the lender to transfer the funds to your bank, but thats usually as long as it can get. If they are happy with your information, this can even happen within an hour. Many lenders strive to offer quick services in order to remain competitive.

Online Convenience

The whole payday loan application process is done on the Internet. You dont have to ask for an appointment with a loan officer or call the lender over and over to ask about your applications status. You can forward your application from wherever – home, office, a coffee shop, etc. Getting a conventional loan means meeting with your loan officer several times. One big advantage a payday loan offers, as opposed to a credit card, is that you get your credit as cash.

Fewer Requirements

Payday loan requirements are pretty basic, such as permanent residency in your state; an active checking account; the age requirement, which is probably 18; and most importantly, a stable and confirmable income. Though typical loans may need collateral, payday loans do not. As long as they can establish your ability to repay the amount you want to borrow, the loan is yours.

Getting a Bigger Loan

A lot of payday lenders restrict the loan amount that you can get as a new borrower. Usually, you will only be approved for a sum that is right within your salary range as well as the lenders. However, once you have paid off your first payday loan on time, your lender may increase your limit, depending on what your state laws allow.

Safeguarding Your Credit Rating

Installment loans are often paid over one or two years, but then within that period of time, a lot can really happen. You might fall ill, lose your income and the rest. The short repayment period that generally comes with payday loans may feel like a flaw, but it is actually favorable for those who want to protect their credit rating.
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