What’s is hand dryer?

Modern hand dryers are sophisticated and ideal hygiene and sanitary equipment. When you wash your hands, place your hands under the automatic hand dryer air duct. Automatic hand dryers will automatically send warm, comfortable air, quickly letting your hands get wet and dry, and when you leave the hand dryer at that time, it automatically turns off the wind and turns off. Can fulfill the requirement that the towel does not dry the water on the hand and prevents cross-contamination of the disease.

High speed automatic Hand Dryer is a sophisticated sanitary equipment that is ideal for food production companies and can carry dry hands that are clean, hygienic, safe and non-polluting. When washing your hands, place your hands under the automatic induction high-speed hand dryer air duct. The automatic hand dryer will automatically send warm high-speed air, quickly dry your hands quickly, and when the hands leave the mouth of the dryer, it will automatically stop working and achieve rapid drying. Hand and hygiene requirements to prevent bacterial cross infection.

How do you choose a hand dryer?

Don’t just look at the price of a hand dryer when buying a high-speed hand dryer with automatic sensing.

Some of the hand dryer manufacturers use low-quality materials.

Following Tips for Choosing a Hand Dryer

1. Shell: Shell material not only determines the appearance of a hand dryer, unqualified material can be a fire hazard, a good hand dryer, the shell usually adopts stainless steel, stainless steel spray paint, engineering plastics.

2. Weight: To consider whether the mounting position and material have sufficient ability to withstand the load of an automatic hand dryer, such as: Concrete block walls generally cannot consider the weight problem, but if it is a color steel plate, materials such as gypsum board will consider the carrying capacity.

3. Initial principle: Manual timing switches, infrared induction and optical blocking induction. The last two are non-contact induction modes.

4. Installation method: Bracket installation, wall mounting, and directly placed on the desktop can be used.

5. Working noise: The smaller the better in conditions that can meet the speed of a dry hand.

6. Operating strength: Under conditions that can meet the speed of a dry hand and stay comfortable, the lower the better.

7. Dry hands: The shorter the better, preferably in 10 seconds (about the same time as using toilet paper).

8. Current standby: The smaller the better.

9. Air temperature: Usually suitable for choosing a hand dryer with temperatures between 35 degrees Celsius and 45 degrees Celsius.