When it comes to interior designing and decorating a space, like with any art, I firmly believe in having a great canvas to start. While I am no expert when it comes to interior design, I am what I would call an experienced novice as I have plenty of DIY experience in this area. So, with that being said, whenever I am wanting to change a room in my house or even if I am just decorating a space for the first time from scratch, I need a good starting point. And so, I look to the walls as well as the floors of a room in order to gain inspiration for how the entire room should be handled.

Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love decorating spaces especially those with wall colors and floors that are inspiring. While wall colors are easy to maneuver around if they aren’t quite to my liking, flooring is an entirely different arena. Unlike paint, flooring can not be changed on a whim and so, having great floors to start with really makes the decorating process much smoother. For this reason, and just because they look great, hardwood flooring is my absolute favorite type of flooring hands down. In my opinion, hardwood floors can change the entire look of a space, making it look expensive and luxurious while opening up the room as well. This would be one of my checklist options whenever my husband and I were renting before we purchased our home.

Although our home didn’t come with hardwood floors, the structure, location as well as the overall design of the house was so good that we had to take it. And so, we decided to just have the flooring installed ourselves which was great because we were able to customize the entire look. A Hardwood Floor Install chesterfield mo was what we searched in order to find the company that did our floors and we couldn’t be any happier. We were able to mix and match different wood for a customized look as well as lay the flooring in a diamond pattern towards the middle which was such a classy touch. And the best part of all is that it wasn’t a super expensive job but the work was remarkably done. After seeing the way our floors turned out, our neighbors got theirs done as well and they are very pleased.

While we probably could have found a house that had hardwood flooring, I am so glad we had to install them ourselves. Now, we have flooring that is totally customized to our liking and unique to the home that we absolutely love. Our floors are no longer just functional, they have become a conversation piece at parties and something like a work of art. Having a customized floor has really changed the space in our living room and adding an air of luxury and elegance with subtly rather than the obnoxiousness of expensive decor pieces or paintings. Although it was an additional cost, it was well worth the expense and we would definitely do it again.