Once we buy our homes, it’s not uncommon for us to upgrade it and make sure it looks presentable. Most people don’t give a second thought replacing their concrete driveway or filling in the cracks. The cement around our homes play a big role in the attractiveness of our houses. That said, here are a few things to think about before you run out and lay down some new cement.


Depending on where you live, your municipality may require you to have a permit. Don’t think for a minute, that you can simply pour down concrete without some city or town official questioning it. There’s no doubt a neighbor or two might ask if you have a permit when laying down large amounts of cement. Any building inspector can set the record straight and make sure you don’t get a costly ticket. Pick up the phone and ask questions to find out. Tell the inspector exactly what you are trying to do. A sidewalk could be looked at differently if it’s on private or commercial property. Further, to put down the cement, a large ready-mix truck will show up and block regular neighborhood parking.

Consider Tools and Time

There will certainly be a lot of tools involved to create your perfect sidewalk or driveway. You should also consider how long will it take lay down your concrete. This is important if you have to move cars and other objects on your property to give the cement time to dry. Many contractors know that concrete is a very inexpensive material to use. Take advantage of this and work out a budget that makes sense. Cement is also very popular when it comes to contractors putting down gravel.

Here are some of the regular tools used when laying concrete:

Magnesium Hand Floats
Iron Rake
Sod cutter

The Work

Once you have decided to put down a new concrete sidewalk or driveway, you will spend a good deal of time digging a path. You will have to consider any drainage issues you might encounter as well. Make sure to designate an area where you can dump extra sod or soil. Consider renting a trash container that can hold these kind of substances. Map out the amount of time it’s going to take you as well. You can find any ready mix cement manufacturers modesto ca.

The Mix

You need to measure how much concrete you will need to put down. Know and understand what volume is needed. Concrete is ordered in cubic yards for all jobs. When you are looking around for a supplier, don’t look too far. Consider those that are nearby and get it mixed in your particular location. It’s just not a good idea to have them mix the concrete miles away from your home. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to ask for the mix to have at least 5 percent entrainment. You must also request the right strength of concrete as well. Once the concrete is delivered you must pay at that time.